The Peace of Ansalon

July 19, 2009

Oh crap

Players: Marek Brightblade, Sister Jessika, Zero, Annanea, Kechara, Hadrin, Jazira, Rashka


When we got to town a young kender child was accoused of stealing someone’s money, we stepped up to prevent the young child and her father Kelwick, from getting killed and the man who attacked her in the first place was brought to the stocks.

After getting to the town, we got to the prancing pony and the Kechara got drunk.

After that we went to the wounded crow to listen to the Herald, a bard of some repute, tell some stories. He told of the war of souls. The Kender was drunk during this and attempted to knock the dirt away from the bard. A riot broke out and after it settled down the bard told us that he had a dream about all of us. He had a dream about a key of Sylvenesti and its for all us.

A former squire of the dark knights, Pegrin, stole the key before he fled. The only thing his dreams tell us about the key is that the key is not a key. Which is confusing as all heck. Pegrin has camped some where near Berryhour.

The camp is to the east of town and its guarded day or night. We went into the camp and defeated the people there.

Jazira joined the group.

Loot: Light Crossbow, 7 Short sword, 6 studded Leather, Leather armor, Dagger, MW long sword, Key, 189 steel, 3 bottles of fine wine, 3 silvanesti jade carvings (raven, cat, snake), Silvanesti elven music box, 10 Gems, 2 Potions of Cure Light wounds



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