The Peace of Ansalon

The adventure so far…

Players: Marek Brightblade, Sister Jessika, Zero, Petrovic, Annanea

The party was conscripted by a black robe wizard, named Strom, to travel from Solace to Bariaur for some magical reagents, and was given a list.

On the way through the mountain pass, out of Solace, the weather became very bad, thunderstorms and hail falling down upon them. They sought shelter in the bottom of a Tor called “High Tower”. It appeared to be a worked structure on the inside.

A great thunderclap collapsed the stone doors inside the main room, releasing many ravenous rats. The party had their first taste of battle together. The party learned that the “knight” is really a holy warrior called a “crusader”.

After checking the 3 hallways, the party encountered a dart trap, 2 hobgoblin warriors, a vargouille, a hobgoblin zombie dressed as a knight of the rose, and a medium-sized silk-web spider. The party exhausted their battle resources, and took a rest, afterward. During their rest, a well, but darkly dressed, man rushed into the tor’s main chamber, and asked the party if he could rest with them. He later introduced himself as Mazrim Taim, and a few strange things occurred between him, the mules, and Jessika. Once the hail let up, and the party finished their rest, they readied themselves to continue the journey, and said good bye to the, apparently, cursed man.

The party needs to retrieve the reagents and return to Solace with them before the upcoming Order of High Sorcery Precession. The have 4 days to do it, and spent 1 day travelling and looking in High Tower. They are about half way to Bariaur.

Marek is keeping a descriptive journal of his adventures.

Treasure: 425 Steel Pieces; 2 pearls worth about 100 steel each; translator Ring, lifting Belt, Pear of Power Level 0, and a Headband of the Stout Heart; a medium-sized masterwork falchion, 2 medium-sized studded leather armor, 2 medium-sized javelins, 2 medium-sized heavy wood shields, 2 medium-sized short swords, 2 empty sacks; a vargouille corpse.



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