Red hair, grey eyes. 3'9".


I am a twin, my brother being twenty minutes older than I. My mother got pregnant for us while wandering. We were never told who our father was and she left as soon as we could feed ourselves. From there, our grandmother took over. She was sweet, but she didn’t take any crap from me, or from Petrovic. I guess that’s why I don’t take anything from him, either.

There really isn’t school as such in Kender society. We aren’t forced to go, and the teachers are always changing. I only stayed long enough to learn to read and write and do my math. Other than that, I am entirely self taught. If you include my twin as part of my self, which I do.

My favorite thing to do was to practice my acrobatics. I loved being able to move agilely through any situation. Also, I learned to pick locks. In case, you know, I lost my keys or something. I can’t just leave my things sitting there where any thief could take them, that’s just irresponsible.

I’ve always been a bit of a loner, I guess. I’ve never been close to anyone but Nana and my brother. I think it shouldn’t count that I’m close to him, though. We’ve always been together, and it’s hard not to be close to someone that you can’t remember ever not being around.

After Petrovic and I set off, we both learned from anyone that looked like they had something interesting to teach. We learned how to tell if someone was lying to us, and we learned to be very careful about our surroundings. Or, at least as careful as a Kender can be.

After I’m done adventuring, I think I would like to start a family. Maybe, in my travels, I’ll find a nice handsome Kender. We’ll have a family and go back to the City. I don’t know, though. I’ll have to survive the adventures and so will he.


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