Marek Brightblade

Crusader of Paladine from Solace


Class Levels
|Name|Level|Total Exp|


Battle Stats
|Init|-5|Max Dex|-|Check Penalty|-|ACP|-2|


Attack Options
|Mwk Falchion|1|5|2d46|18-20/x2|melee|Slashing|Medium|
|Spiked Gauntlet|0|5|1d44|20/x2|melee|Piercing|Medium|
|Sling|0|1|1d44|20/x2|50 ft.|Bludgeoning|Medium|

Armor and Shield
|Name|Type|Ac Bonus|Max Dex|Check Penalty|ACP|Max Speed|Weight|
|Studded Leather|Light|3|5|-1|-|-|20lbs.|

|Name|Total|Ranks|Ability|Misc|Misc|Check Penalty|
|Knowledge Religion|5|4|1|-|-|-|
|Knowledge History|
|Martial Lore|2|1|1|-|-|-|
|Profession Militia|1|0|0|1|-|-|

Feats, Flaws, and Traits
|Improved Buckler Defense|Stone Power|Extra Granted Maneuver|
|Unreactive flaw|Relentless trait|Specialized (Profession Militia) trait|

Class Features
|Furious Counterstirke 1-9, +1|Steely Resolve 5|Simple and Martial Weapons|
|Light, Medium, Heavy Armor|Shield Proficiency|

Racial Features
|Immune: sleep effects|2 saves vs. Enchantment|Low-light Vision|1 racial to Perception|+2 racial to Diplomacy|
|Elven Blood (human feat)|Language: Elven|Language: Common|Language: Dwarven|5 feet 3 inches tall|
|148 lbs.|26 yrs. old|Male|deep green eyes|curly dark brown hair|
|goatee and sideburns|olive skin|

Maneuvers and Stances
|1st|Crusader’s Strike|Strike|Devoted Spirit|
|1st|Vanguard Strike|Strike|Devoted Spirit|
|1st|Charging Minotaur|Strike|Stone Dragon|
|1st|Stone Bones|Strike|Stone Dragon|
|1st|Leading the Attack|Strike|White Raven|
|1st|Martial Spirit|Stance|Devoted Spirit|

|Mwk Falchion|Studded Leather Armor|Buckler|Backpack|4 Empty Sacks|Explorer’s Outfit|
|Bedroll|Winter Blanket|Medallion of Faith (Paladine)|Trail Rations (6)|Sling|10 Sling Bullets|
|2 Waterskins|Blank Wizard’s Spellbook|2 Ink Pens|2 Vials of Ink|50 ft. Silk Rope|Grappling Hook|
|4 Flasks of Oil|Whetstone|4 Sun Rods|Flint and Steel|7 Torches|Signal Whistle|
|1 lb. Bar of Soap|2 Towels|Spiked Gauntlet|Falchion|

|91 steel|6 silver|


Marek Brightblade was born to a human father and a Qualinesti mother, in the village of Solace. With no siblings to grow up with, Marek was raised among the Vallenwoods with hopes and dreams of one day joining the Knighthood of Solamnia. He was tutored in the ways of the Oath and the Measure at an early age, but found it very difficult to follow, whilst playing with the children and being tempted to do things he would be scolded and punished for.

Strong, but not talented in a leadership role, Marek struggles in social situations. He has pure and good intentions, but sometimes his endeavors are misinterpreted or credited to others. He was the kid that always stuck up for the ones who were being bullied. He also became well acquainted with most of the militia and guards in Solace, as well as with a few Knights of Solamnia who occasionally patrolled through Solace.

Marek has lived in Solace his whole life, but that’s not to say he was not curious about the lands around the valley. He would often accompany some of the farmers that came into town and help guard their wagons to and from Solace. He did a fair bit of studying as he grew up, taking great interest in his religious studies. Of the predominantly good deities, Marek was most interested in the precepts of Paladine, as his clergy and dogma were very similar to the Code of the Knights. Once Marek was able to start wielding a sword, hist training mandated non-lethal combat for training, and he was tested against another student of the sword, Joval. Joval is an agile and dexterous combatant who favors the rapier. Marek wasn’t used to dealing with such a swift warrior, and during their duel, Joval was able to anticipate and counter all of Marek’s strikes with successful and accurate ripostes. Marek had always been slow to react to threats but it had never been so apparent to him until now, and his instructors took note as they witnessed his defeat.

For his final testing, Marek, Joval, and 2 other students of the sword, were sent into the caves to find the Spring of Renewal and fill up a large waterskein for the fountain in Solace. During the expedition the group encountered a few threats, but were able to defeat them with their martial expertise. When the group finally found the Spring chamber, they were greeted by what they could only describe later as a black scaly man with large, sharp teeth and bat-like wings. The creature told them that he would enjoy eating their entrails, and that the spring was his alone; at once he swooped into combat tearing into nearly all of the group. Marek was both fortunate and unfortunate to be the last man standing. He valiantly dueled the creature, hoping his training would overcome it’s beastial nature, but to no avail; it’s claws were vicious, its teeth like daggers, and its love for combat terrible, all proved too much for the young warrior, and Marek fell. He remembered desperately praying to Paladine for strength so he could save his companion students from this horrible fate, and what happened next seems like a dream to him. Marek felt life, warmth, and vitality return to him, surging through his body and washing the pain of his wounds away like a wave of elation. He lept to his feat, grabbed his falchion, and noticed that his companions had also experienced the same wonderfully strange sensation as he just did. Suddenly, Marek heard a proud and strong voice caress his mind with words of encouragement; “fight on, brave warrior. Be the champion you always dreamed of being. Defeat this foul creature of Darkness.” Marek, emboldened by what he had heard in his mind, and felt in his soul, was instantly aware a power he had never felt before. He felt devoted to the spirit of his cause and his salvation. He felt power welling up from the stone into his body, strengthening him for battle, like a dragon reeling back to strike. A flash of white light in his mind stretched his senses and consciousness out through the cavern, helping him decide where best his companions could position themselves to strike down this predator like a murder of ravens. Together, the group re-engaged the monster, who seemed to be dazed momentarily as they recovered from their lost battle. Expertly guided by Marek’s inspiring strikes and tactics, the group quickly defeated the black creature of darkness. Suddenly, in the creature’s death throes, it’s body melted into a sickly green pool of foul-smelling acid. Fearful for the health of their equipment and selves, the group fled to the Spring of Renewal and quickly washed themselves of the battle’s gore. Their wounds were healed over, and they felt very refreshed from their encounter. Marek filled the water skein, and led Joval and the others safely out of the caves and back to Solace, with a quite a tale to tell. However, no one, save a lone red robed man at the Inn of the Last Home, believed what they said about their battle with the black scaled creature and no one could find evidence to prove their story near the fountain. However, Marek was congratulated for completing his task and was gifted with a Medallion of Faith from local cleric of Paladine, for saving his companions and bringing the magical spring water safely back to the fountain. Ever since, Marek has been a devout follower of Paladine. They were rewarded with a fancy room in the Inn for a week while the group recovered from their endeavors in the caves, and Marek took the time to practice his new found powers, and relax whenever he could. Dirk, an up and coming bard at the inn, was still interested in telling his tale, because it sounded very convincing and heroic.

Marek Brightblade

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