Mazrim Taim

a dark dressed man that rested with the party during the hail storm.


able to cast some kind of divine magic. wounded by Jessika's cure minor wounds spell. has a pulse, so we determined that if he is undead, he isn't a normal undead. able to wield a scythe, and his scythe looked very special


The man rested with the party during the thunder and hail storm; after the party had dealt with the creatures down below. He smelled of rotting flesh, and  Jessika attempted to heal him with a cure minor wounds spell, but the spell seemd to scorch his flesh where  Jessika had touched his arm. The man then cast some manner of speell on himself and his wounds disappeared. He was carrying a very ornate and decorated scythe, it looked as though the blade of the scythe was emerging from the mouth of a skull whose jaw was gaping open, and the haft of the weapon was where the spine should be attached to the skull. He relinquished some details to his affliction, but they were sketchy; "I was raised improperly", meaning he had been dead, and that he had received powerful magic to bring him back to life, and that it was either improper, or that something went wrong during the process, or that shortcuts were made and as a result he suffered drawbacks.

Mazrim Taim

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