Sister Jessika Alhazeram


Sister Jessika Alhazeram is a level 1 female cleric of Mishakal. She is five foot four inches tall, and weighs one hundred fifty two pounds. Her light blue eyes sparkle against her light colored skin and silver hair. She is dressed in scale mail and carries a quarter staff inscribed with runes along it. Her Medallion of faith is hung around her neck and is nested in her chest.

Ability Ability Ability Base Level Magic Misc XP: 73/2,000
Str 12 +1 12 - - - HP 17 Current
Dex 10 +0 10 - - - SR
Con 14 +2 14 - - - DR
Int 12 +1 12 - - - Init 0
Wis 16 +3 16 - - - speed 20 Subdual
Cha 14 +2 14 - - - Fly
App 15 +2 15 - - - Misc
Total Armor Shield Dex Size Natural Deflection Misc
AC 16 =10+ 4+ 2+ 0
Flat-Footed 16 =10+ 4 2 -
Touch 10 =10+ - - 0 -
Armor/Shield Type AC bonus Max Dex ACP AFP Max Speed Weight
Scale Mail Medium 4 3 -4 25% 20 30lbs
Heavy Steel Shield Shield 2 - -2 15% - 15lbs
Saving Throw Total Class Base Ability Item Magic Misc
Fortitude 5 3 2
Reflex 0 0 0
Willpower 6 3 3
Attack Bonus Total 2nd 3rd 4th Class Ability Size Misc Misc
Melee 3 1 2
Ranged 1 1 0
Grapple 3 1 2
Level 1 Divine Ward Flaw 1 Murkey Eyed
Racial Feat1 Able Learner Trait Saddle Born
Flaw Feat 1 Extra Turning Class Turn Undead 9/day
Attack Options
Item Enhancement Attack Damage Crit Range Type Size
Quarter Staff 0 +3 1d6+3 x2 - Bludgeoning Medium
Heavy Mace 0 +3 1d8+1 x2 - Bludgeoning Medium
Sling 0 +1 1d4+1 x2 10ft Bludgeoning Medium
Name Total Ranks Ability Misc Misc Check Penalty*
Concentration 7 - 2 5 - -
Handle Animal 1 - 2 -1 - -
Heal 8 5 3 - - -
Knowledge Arcana 2 1 1 - - -
Knowledge History 4 3 1 - - -
Knowledge Planes 2 1 1 - - -
Perception 3 - 3 - - -
Profession Midwife 4 1 3 - - -
Ride 3 2 0 1 - -
Spellcraft 6 5 1 - - -

“Sister Jessika.” Came a voice from outside of the barred door. “The refugee’s are here, we are going to need your help.” The voice was soft, a tender voice of the reverend mother. It was stern, pushing the small figure in the bed to get up.

She had only had a few hours of sleep, the constant incomings of wounded and poor souls was at the point where Jessika wished she had not joined the services of Mishakal. “I am coming.” her voice called through the pillow that it was implanted with in.

Waiting for the soft footstes of the mother to head down the hall, the youngest member of the sisterhood slowly stood up and stretched. A few bones popped back into place, reminding her of the need to relax a bit more.

Stepping out of the small cell that served as Jessika’s bedroom, and correcting her hobbit so that it layed against her body correctly she turned to head towards the hospitial wing and promptly walked into the head priest. “OH sorry Father Robert.” She bowed her head slightly and then smiled at the man. He had come to be her second father since her joining of Mishakal’s services. Not that her biological father was dead. As a matter of fact she saw that man a good number of times in a day also. AS a member of the town guard he made rounds in the temple area constantly to assure that no one was distrupting the peace.

“Its alright my dear.” He replied and gave her a soft playful wink. “No harm done, however, there seem to be even more hurt people in the hospital wing today.” He frowned at his words and then looked at the young cleric again. “We are understaffed as it is, and we are going to need more supplies come shortly.

Jessika frowned lightly, “Well if I can do anything to help…” she started but then stopped. Volunteering around here usually meant you where going to wash an elderly patient. If you where lucky.

“Thankyou my dear, I will see what I can come up with, How ever you might have to go a few towns over to get the supplies for us.” Father Robert suggested.

Jessika nodded and smiled. The town of Port Toli was not very large. It was mostly something of a way station between two larger cities. How ever it did have the temple of Mishakal, which many people used as little more then a hospital. Not that the temple minded. It was their holy calling from the goddess herself.

Jessika smiled lightly. “ I should get to work.” She said after she lingered all the time that was descent.

“of course. Go with the ease of the goddess.” The father blessed her.

Hurried footsteps brought her to the wing that she had been assigned to since the first day her mother brought her to the temple. She was another sister in the services. Which made her Jessika’s sister through the temple, and Jessika’s mother through blood. It was an odd relationship, though who else can say they work with their mom in the ease of lessening suffering.

Jessika’s Mother, Amelia had been a midwife in the services of Mishakal. A job that she trained her daughter in, and her daughter loved. Never having any siblings of her own, children where a bit of wonder to Jessika. Beings of pure innocence. Which is why when the goblins had started to attack the neighboring villages, and the temple had gotten many of the refugee’s into their walls, the woman had done all she could to help them. OF course that had started two days after she joined the sisterhood. So it wasn’t to hard for her extra hands to find themselves work.

So what was the job that Jessika was going to? Well it was one that made her smile every time she walked through the door. Rows of beds set up, with small bodies laying with in them. Some of them with their families around them, some of them now orphans. But all of them under the age of ten summers.

“Sister Jessika!” One of the young boys called. The child had lost both of his parents in the first invasion. Two broken legs he was slowly recovering, of course he was deathly afriad of any sort of magic so it had to be done through mundane means. Which meant it was going to take longer.

“Yup, I am here.” She called out and went to hug the boy.

“I saw your daddy again He said when I get bigger I can be part of the guard like he is.” The young child offered.

“Really. Now that sounds good.” Jessika started as she went about checking his dressings.

“Yup, He said he would teach me to run, and ride a horse…” The boy just kept going on and on. “who knows maybe I will be a holy man of Mishakal also…” He nodded slowly and Jessika had to laugh.

“Well there are many types of holy men.” She answered.

“Yeah, What are you?” The young boy wondered. A few of the other children where looking up and over at her. The young priestess leaned back away from the leg and came to sit on the edge of the bed. Knowing her audience she smiled sweetly. “Well you see, I a healer.” She states. “I have the ability to channel the energy of the goddess in a certain way..If I spend enough time with you after my prayers. I can make sure that you are healed form a little ways away.” She offers a wink to the young boy.” That way, I can help more then one person at a time.”

A few of the kids gave a ooh at this. “And I have learned how to birth babies…..” she paused, “and ride.” she chuckled lightly. “and when I have a quarterstaff in my hands, be careful I can wack ya over the head pretty darn good.”

Everyone let out a fit of giggles at the thought of the mild mannered woman actually hitting someone.

“Sister Jessika.” Father Robert’s voice came in her head. “We have..” he paused “I need your help.” He said with a bit of urgency. “Please..If you would come and see me.”

Nodding and standing up quickly, Jessika dipped to give the boy a kiss on the head. “Excuse me youngens.” she winked lightly to a few of them. “I am being called by the father.” She slipped out of the ward and down the hall to the father’s office.

Her father was just stepping out of the door when she came up to it. He looked tired, more so then her, weary of battle also. A few spots of blood laid across his armor as he gave her a weary smile. “You better get in there.” He offered though the concern was great in his voice. It held no command for her to do anything.

“Alright.” Jessika replied and stepped into the room.

The Head priests room was nothing more then a mesh of holy texts and bandages. “Father?” Jessika called and looked around.

“Sister, I am sorry for this, but we are going to need to you head out of our abby.” HE stated as he quickly wrote up the writ. “We are going to need more supplies then just a few bandages. Please…You are going to have to take a mule and head towards the next town. Have them send back as much supplies as they can spare..and then continue on to the next and the next.” He frowned lightly. “I know this is much to be asking of you…But if you don’t I fear that these attacks are going to wear us down to nothing.” he gave a sad smile.

Jessika frowned lightly and then nodded slowly. “Alright.” she said quickly. “I will get going right away.” She grabbed the writ when he offered it

Turning she hurried out of the office and back to her cell. Her father was already there, Packing a few bags for her. “I didn’t know you where going with me.” Jessika offered a bit confused.

“I am not.” her father replied, How ever I did give you a few things.” He gave a soft smile, “Take your mediallion of faith.” he motioned to the armor. “The armor and the staff. Its not much, but its what we could spare, I placed a sling in your pack.” He stated and pulled a pouch from his belt. “Some bullets for it. Becareful out there. I wish we could spare a horse but only a mule can be given right now..” Her father let out a soft sigh. “Becareful. I highly suggest when you can, find others to travel with. Numbers are the safest…” he stopped and looked at his daughter before leaning over to kiss her forehead. “And be careful.”

Jessika nodded as she started to pack up her stuff. Those that could make it from their beds saw her off as she headed out the gates of her abby. “Be safe.” Father Robert called out to the young priestess. “Return to us…”

Sister Jessika Alhazeram

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